Yasmin Kianfar

This is the eveningwear for me.... soft draping over structured undergarments. Perfect.

Greys, blacks, and other muted shades mixed with silks and feather weight chiffon. Perfect.

Another fine Central St. Martins graduate.


Daisy Darche London

Handpainted vivid prints and simple shapes. Just so lovely.


Andrea Garland

Because I thought that I better start embracing my job....
Andrea Garland specialises in re-using vintage packaging to create a line of vintage beauty products in old pill boxes, compact etc. Everything is all handmade from scratch in Hackney.



I know this is a bit late, given that this is their SS10 collection... but I'm desperately hoping to get a specific dress in the sales. I've been promised a 50% markdown. Fingers crossed.

Beau Coops

Carrie Cooper's debut collection was inspired by her former neighborhood 'London Fields'. Think Charlie Chaplin’s hobo style, slashed with punk elements. She describes the label as 'boyfriend chic' - each item being reminiscent of that special piece borrowed from a loved one...